The Survival Warriors Paracord Carabiner Compass. Life Saving 2 in 1 EDC Tool - Yours For Just $3.00!
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  • Perfect EDC Tool: Never lose your direction and always be prepared with the versatile, durable survival paracord
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  • Corrosion and aging resistance compass and paracord
  • 7-core rope gives you maximum security and durability for your outdoor adventure and survival
  • Use the rope for: fishing, tourniquet, fire tinder, shelter, hunting traps, sewing clothes, unbreakable rope and so much more!
  • 3.93 feet (1.2 meters) long
  • Only 0.22lb (0.1kg)
The paracord has been called by military officers and bushcraft experts "the most versatile survival tool" for a reason. When you carry it with you all the time you will have the confidence that whatever happens, you will be prepared.

Have the piece of mind that you always have a way to build a shelter, descend a rock, make a tourniquet for a broken limb or finger, make a weapon or a stretcher to carry a friend. You can also splinter it and use it as fire tinder, for fishing and hunting, sewing clothes, to make a shoe lace... The list goes on and on!
Lowest price available... pay more than double for similar ones in other places!

(and that doesn't include shipping and in the second picture the compass!)

But wait.... The Paracord Carabiner Compass is not all you are getting!

Free Bonus #1: The Basic Survival Guide Book ($19.99 - FREE Today)

Are you prepared in the event of a catastrophe? 

This comprehensive survival guide will teach you the basics you need to know to survive when shtf (which it inevitably will). 

Securing your home, taking care of the pets, top evacuation principles and much, much more!

Free Bonus #2: How To Take Care Of Your Family When Disaster Strikes ($12.99 - FREE Today)

There is nothing more important than family, right? 

So when you plan your survival strategy you can't think only about yourself

This short book will teach you how to take care of your family when things go wrong!

Free Bonus #3: Emergency Preparedness Expert Guide ($9.97 - FREE Today)

Do you know exactly when a disaster will strike? 

Obviously, none of us do. And while we can hope it doesn't come, as Stephen King has said "there is no harm in hoping for the best as long as you are prepared for the worst".

This expert guide will give you a list with 101 things you need to do in order to survive

It is short, to the point and you can print it and include it in your everyday carry gear or bug out bag so you are never caught off guard!
  • The Basic Survival Guide Book (worth $19.99)
  • How To Take Care Of Your Family When Disaster Strikes book (worth $12.99)
  • ​The Emergency Preparedness Expert Guide (worth $9.97)
fire starter, camping fire starter, survival fire starter, survival lighter, outdoor lighter, survival gudies, survival books
If we charged you full price for all of that it would cost you $42.95.... but we are not going to do that!

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We want to help you and as many other survivalists as we can. That's why if for any reason your product stops working, it's on us! You get a refund or a free replacement. And yes, that is a promise for life!
Why Are We Doing This?
Well, it is obvious that we are giving such a valuable product at very a low price. So you are probably wondering why?

Well, for 2 reasons:

First Reason - Our mission is to prepare 1,000,000 households for the inevitable SHTF situation that our society is heading towards.

We want to to educate and inform these families and provide them with the skills, tools, and tactics to survive and thrive through any crisis.  

Second reason - we want to introduce you to Survival Warriors Elite (SWЕ). 

What do you get when you join Survival Warriors Elite? Premium survival guides, strategies and knowledge delivered straight and exclusively to you every month on a variety of topics - Water purification; How to get a fire going; Producing & hunting your own food; Surviving an economic collapse; Self defence; DIY secrets and guides.... and so much more!
Why do you need to be a part of Survival Warriors Elite?
You see, knowledge is the most powerful survival tool you could ever possibly possess. A paracord or a fire starter will do wonders in the wilderness, and a big stockpile will be a huge asset in case of an emergency situation, but nothing will ever come close to helping you survive like the knowledge and skills you possess.
While we all already know this, we also simultaneously realize how difficult attaining knowledge can be. The learning curve can be steep, mastering skills often happens slowly, and the material we need to learn can feel confusing, broad and overwhelming. Sometimes, too, it can be hard to determine whether a source of information is even reliable enough to help us on our quest for valuable knowledge.
You might say "Eh, I can find everything I need to know online. I’ll just find it on the internet.”
You’re right. Everything is on the internet. Including all of the medicine books and all of the laws. But no one becomes a doctor or a lawyer by browsing the web. So why do you think you can gain the proper survival skills by doing the same??
You can find an insane amount of information online about how to prepare to bug out in a disaster or how to behave during an economic meltdown. Some of it’s good . . . but some of it’s wrong to the point of downright dangerous!
Do you really want to put your life and the lives of your family in the hands of an internet search engine? That's what we thought too...
You can browse endless blogs, bounce from one article to another, feeling lost, desperate and without any direction and guidence. Trying to pick some information here... and some there... like a lost child in a huge crowd of indifferent to you people.. 

Or you can become a Survival Warriors Elite Member Today, get your Surviving The Wild Outdoors and prove you are serious about surviving and thriving through the next crisis!
This book will be yours when you get your Survival Warriors Elite membership. Here is the policy for it: You will have a free trial period of 3 days in which you can check your membership area and your lessons and see if you like it. Billed $34.99/m afterwards. Cancel any time (including during the free trial) by mailing us at
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"We are survival warriors. Everyone laughs at us... until they need us."

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