Protect Yourself From The #1 Danger In An Emergency Situation For Free!

  • Protection From The Elements: Protect yourself from exposure to the elements or stay alive during injury while waiting for help.
  • Retains 90% of body heat 
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  • Keeps you warm and dry
  • Only 90g / 3.17 oz, making it a perfect EDC item!
  • Extremely durable material
  • 100cm * 200cm / 3.28ft * 6.56ft, so even the largest of you can fit in!

What do you think is the biggest danger when you are caught in a crisis?

Getting killed during a foreign invasion?

Or dying while protecting your home from the roaming bands of survivors?

While all that sounds epic and like pulled out of a movie, statistically the #1 thing that’ll kill you… whether you’re caught in an Armageddon-type scenario or you’re in a bad car accident… is exposure to the elements.

This tiny but simple survival sleeping bag could help save your and your family's lives... if only you could have it with you when the disaster strikes!

Why Exposure To The Elements Is The Biggest Threat In A Crisis?

You see, a lot of survivalists are ready for all sorts of scenarios...

Civil unrest...

Food and water shortages...

Home invasions...

But if we look at the data, the above scenarios are far less likely to occur than an emergency situation in which you or your loved ones are exposed to strong wind, freezing temperature, rain, snow or a simple injury.

Even something as "harmless" as your car refusing to start while you are in a rural area or the wilderness can turn into a life threatening situation.
Think about it... what is more likely to happen? 

A big war... or a bad weather while hiking with your family?

Massive civil unrest across the whole country.... or your car breaking down?

Sometimes the most mundane and simple things can be the biggest threat.

This is why the emergency sleeping bag is probably the most underrated survival tool!

You can get a couple of these and keep one in your car, one in your home and one in your bug out bag...

You can use it on the sleeping bag you already have to protect it from water and increase heat retention...

It can even save you while being injured even if the weather where you live hardly ever gets cold... because when your body is in shock or suffering blood loss, hypothermia comes much, much faster.
Just put it in your EDC stuff and you will be confident, knowing that unlike 99% of the other people who only think they are ready, you will have prevented the number 1 cause for death in a crisis!


We want to help you and as many other survivalists as we can. That's why if for any reason your emergency sleeping bag stops working (even though that's extremely unlikely), it's on us! You get a free replacement, no questions asked. And yes, that is a promise for life!
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But wait.... the Emergency Sleeping bag Is not all you are getting!

Free Bonus #1: The Basic Survival Guide Book ($19.99 - FREE Today)

Are you prepared in the event of a catastrophe? 

This comprehensive survival guide will teach you the basics you need to know to survive when s*** hits the fan (which it inevitably will). 

Securing your home, taking care of the pets, top evacuation principles and much, much more!

Free Bonus #2: How To Take Care Of Your Family When Disaster Strikes ($12.99 - FREE Today)

There is nothing more important than family, right? 

So when you plan your survival strategy you can't think only about yourself

This short book will teach you how to take care of your family when things go wrong!

Free Bonus #3: Emergency Preparedness Expert Guide ($9.97 - FREE Today)

Do you know exactly when a disaster will strike? 

Obviously, none of us do. And while we can hope it doesn't come, as Stephen King has said "there is no harm in hoping for the best as long as you are prepared for the worst".

This expert guide will give you a list with 101 things you need to do in order to survive

It is short, to the point and you can print it and include it in your everyday carry gear or bug out bag so you are never caught off guard!
  • The Survival Warrior Emergency Sleeping Bag™ with a lifetime guarantee (worth $19.97).
  • The Basic Survival Guide Book (worth $19.99)
  • How To Take Care Of Your Family When Disaster Strikes book (worth $12.99)
  • ​The Emergency Preparedness Expert Guide (worth $9.97)
If we charged you full price for all of that it would cost you $62.92.... but we are not going to do that!
Why Are We Doing This?
We're giving away the Survival Warrior Emergency Sleeping Bag™ FREE as part of our mission to prepare 1,000,000 households for the inevitable SHTF situation that our society is heading towards.

Our goal is to educate and inform these families and provide them with the skills, tools, and tactics to survive and thrive through any crisis.  

And we are completely upfront with you - we make no money out of this sale. We just need you to help us with covering the small shipping and handling cost so that we can stay in business and reach our goal of helping 1,000,000 households.

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"We are survival warriors. Everyone laughs at us... until they need us."
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